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Top Things To Do with Kids in The Hague


Madurodam is one of the top tourist spots in The Hague. An exact replica of the city in miniature, you can take in the entire exhibit in one or two hours. There are also many other activities on tap there for children, making it a great option for a family outing, especially if you don’t have the time to fully explore the life-sized version of the city.

Museon Den Haag & The Omniversum

If your child is interested in the universe and its history, the Museon and the Omniversum are must visits. The Museon is an interactive museum, where children are free to learn by looking, listening and reading. Busy and bustling, kids don’t have to worry about keeping their voices down or hands to themselves. The museum is great for repeat visits as the exhibitions constantly rotate.

Perfect for a double dip of educational fun, the Omniversum sits right next to the Museon. A wide-screen 360 degree film theater that shows nature films on a giant domed screen, the Omniversum is sure to delight the entire family with amazing images of fauna and flora of the planet and its history.  

More Tour, Please

Let’s face it, museums can be a bit boring for children, which is why the Chamber of Wonders at the Gemeente Museum designed a compelling interactive game for children to learn and experience art and its history. Kids are equipped with a small device that takes them through the entire museum on a scavenger hunt that also doubles as a sneaky tour. Available in Dutch and English, the activities can be tailored to the preferences of individual family members.

Life’s A Beach

The neighbourhood that surrounds Scheveningen is not only beautiful and modern, but it is filled with activities and things to do. A stroll on the pier takes you past the many restaurants, set against a stunning view. A destination for windsurfing, Scheveningen is also a good site to fly a kite. In addition to the many festivals held throughout the year, there is also Sea Life, a Pathe Cinema, soft play center, and indoor glowgolf. From April to October, you can ride the small train that takes you from the pier to the harbour (you can buy a combo ticket that includes a ride on the water taxi).

Make a Sport of It

Known for its indoor and winter activities like ski, snowboarding and ice rink, De Uithof is ideal for a full day of family fun. In addition to the aforementioned activities, they also offer  laser gaming, karting and rock climbing. In the summer, they host a “sport and play paradise” that features bouncy castles, trampolines, water boats, splash pools and more. Wholly indoors, it’s a go even if it’s raining.


There may not be any zoos in The Hague, but there are many wonderful farms where kids of all ages can pet and interact with all sorts of animals. When you are done with your visit, be  sure and purchase some fresh milk, honey or eggs for a true taste of the Netherlands.

Check In And Check Out the City

With a route that spans the center of The Hague to Scheveningen Beach, the hop-on hop-off tourist tram simplifies travelling with small kids in an unfamiliar city and enables you to cover a lot of ground in a relaxed way. And the trams themselves are from the 1950s so they have that all important cool factor. During the high season, the schedule runs every half an hour between 10:00 and 17:30 and an audio tour (available in eight different languages) gives you the inside story about all the sites and attractions along the way.

Pick Up Your Paddles

Would you like to see the city from the water? Then a canoe expedition is the ideal outing on a sunny day. To rent a one- or two-person canoe, stop by the Kanoverhuur Den Haag (close to the train station in the city center), choose how long you want to go and paddle off.

So that takes care of things to do with your family during the day in The Hague! Book a sitter for your visit to discover the city at night.