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Top 11 Things to Do in Rotterdam with Kids

When you think of Dutch cities that end in “dam”, Rotterdam may not be the first to pop to mind, but this indomitable port city has a lot to offer for family travelers. So come and explore this wonderfully modern, hip city, so hip, in fact, Vogue recently named it a Dutch Brooklyn.  

Hotel Boatel

If you want to literally stay on the water, SS Rotterdam is the place for you. One of the best hotels in Rotterdam, the SS Rotterdam houses 250+ rooms on a moored steamship. But you don’t have to be a guest to check out the hotel. Tours are available and you can eat in one of the many restaurants or try your hand at getting out of the escape room. 

Zoo Experiences

Named the best zoo in Benelux and widely regarded as one of the best in Europe, Diergaarde Blijdorp is well worth a visit. Kids can float through the gorgeous butterfly house and then burn off some energy on the inviting playground. When you tire of land animals, visit the amazing aquarium, Oceanium. Check the schedule to watch the animals being fed and to meet with the zookeepers to learn more about their care and feeding.    

All Aboard

Ever wondered how many pancakes you can eat in 2.5 hours? Hop aboard the Pannenkoekenboot (pancake boat) and find out the answer to that question. The pancake cruise takes you through Rotterdam’s waterways while you eat all of the Dutch food staple as you dare during the tour.

It’s a Small World After All

Similar to Maudoram in Den Haag, Miniworld features towns and buildings of interest in Rotterdam and the Netherlands done in painstakingly detailed miniature. Days in Miniworld lasts only 24 minutes so you can watch the lights come on (again and again) as darkness falls. Continue the experience by going and finding your child’s favorite sight in full scale.

Park & Play

A destination for locals and visitors alike, Plaswijck Park is a family park with an adventure playground where you can take a boat or train trip and visit monkeys and wallabies at the zoo. And you can bring the family dog as well (for a fee).

Play Softly

If your kids know about Ballebak Omoord, they may do a rain dance to bring on the wet weather so they can spend the day at this popular indoor play place where fun reigns supreme. An invitation to run, jump and do, Ballebak Omood features a large soft play area, go-karts, a sledding hill, ball pits, 

It’s a Bus, It’s a Boat … It’s Both!

When in Rotterdam … there are going to be a lot of water-related activities. The fun-filled splash tour takes you from dry land to wetall in the same vehicle that transforms from a bus into a boat.

Jump Around

For those bouncy kids in your life, Freestyle Motion is a trampoline park for all skill levels. Great for a family jump session in a safe space. 

Captain Kid

At kids marina, your child can be the captain of her own shipor rather, a police, tug or tour boat, and cruise through a miniature port in an old canal of Rotterdam. While piloting the waters, kids can take part in an exciting treasure hunt and learn all there is to know about the Rotterdam Port.

Have a Maritime

One of the oldest and largest museums in the Netherlands, the Maritime Museum houses historic vessels and cranes and details how Rotterdam became the world’s leading port. You will also learn all about the impact shipping has on day to day life. Check the agenda to see what special activities are on during your visit. 

Do You

After a full, memory-making day with your kids, treat yourself, and your partner, to a fab night out in this sparkling city. Book a babysitter with Holiday Sitters before you go and experience the best of all holidays.