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Top 10 Things to Do in Berlin with Kids

When we talk about Berlin the choice is never easy, as every city, Berlin also has its own special vibe, but we would say this is the place where you can find anything! It’s a story of a past, present and the future, it’s a place of former tragedies and modern tolerance, it’s a place for artistic expressions, businesses, education, love, freedom and more.

When it comes to children, this is a place where both, parents and children can have a great adventure together! Because Berlin never disappoints or keep you bored. We made a list of our favorite places especially for you:

Legoland Discovery Center

Place where ideas come to life! It’s a great opportunity for every kid to experiment with lots of Lego bricks, build their dream  Lego world, visit 3-D cinema and go wild at the  interactive playground. The Center is located right in the heart of the city on Potsdamer

Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo is Germany’s oldest zoo and the most visited Zoo in Europe with 3.3 million visitors per year from all over the world.  With it’s polar bears, joyful pandas, marine life and flora is one of the must visit places in Berlin.

Aquarium Berlin

As the Berlin Zoo is the oldest one in Germany thus Berlin Aquarium is one of Germany’s largest. It’s never enough for children to explore animals! Aquarium Berlin in the heart of Berlin is one of Europe’s best-known and most notable aquariums. Behind the building’s historic façade awaits an impressive diversity of species that few facilities in the world can rival. The Aquarium not only houses numerous extraordinary fish, it is also home to hundreds of impressive reptiles and insects. Find Nemo fans can finally get a chance to find him.  Location is quite convenient, as it is located right next to the Zoo.

Museum of Natural History

Dreaming about “The Night at the Museum” or  Fancy an adventure? This is it, with the largest mounted dinosaur in the world greeting you to the well-preserved specimen of the earliest known bird, Archaeopteryx, the Museum of Natural History has you covered with the discovery over a million years’ worth of zoological exhibits and an exciting insight into the natural world.

German Museum of Technology

The German Technical Museum is a very cool place, filled with trains, plains, boats and all sorts of other items that are related to technology and production of things like paper, fabric, medicines and more. Plus you get a lot of bang for your buck. The entry fee for adults is 6 euros (kids, but it also includes free coat check (which is a really great feature in the winter) — and you can even check your luggage there if you are on your way out of town.

Gardens of the World

Amazing green space with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Balinese, Christian, Italian Renaissance and lots of more  gardens! Floral paradise with viewing platform, cable car, bobsleigh run, and new gardens, all of which remain as additions to the already extensive park landscape. There is something for every visitor and season in Berlin’s Gardens of the World.

The Labyrinth Children’s Museum

Developed for kids ages 3-11, the Labyrinth Kindermuseum (one of several kids museums in Berlin) is said to be one of the better museums for younger kids below 5 years old. With all sorts of exhibits that let kids build things, explore their senses and more, it seems like a place kids will truly love. But don’t forget to bring house shoes or thick socks with ABS on them because shoes are not allowed in the museum itself.

The East side Gallery

Without a doubt the most significant building in the history of Berlin, the Wall divided not just a city, but an entire country for almost three decades between 1961 and 1989. Although residents and artists on the western side had long transformed parts of the forbidding grey structure into works of art, the 1.3km (0.8mi) section that remains today as the world’s longest open-air art gallery was created after the fall of the Wall. Read on to find out more about the story behind the East Side Gallery, its most iconic images and much more.

The Colourful Chocolate World of Ritter Sport in Berlin

The Colourful Chocolate World of Ritter Sport in Berlin is the perfect place to take the kids, especially if you get caught in the rain. Each person gets to pick their own ingredients and make a custom-made chocolate bar. It’s a great stop during your Berlin Weekend Getaway, to let everyone unwind, rest up, get a chocolate fix and have a great time.

There is plenty to do in the outlet store, however first you want to design your chocolate bar, because it takes 30 minutes or so to set before you can pick it up.  As many German activities are, there is a strict order to adhere to while you are dabbling in chocolate bar design. You have to pay first! On the far side of the bar where the women construct your chocolate bar there is a cash register.   When you pay, you will receive a white card for each bar you want to design which you will take to the counter and hand to the candy maker. (You can also order custom large bars here, but those take longer than 30 minutes, so you might want to call them to order it.)

Berlin Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds

Berlin Playgrounds are awesome and absolutely must visit, satisfuction guaranteed for both kids and parents equally. You can find dragons, Pirate ships, water slides, carousels, huge climbing meshes and giant climbing domes, artificial rocky mountains and so much more, that’s why we found the perfect guide for you, where you can find the best playgrounds for you, enjoy!