Terms & Conditions

Holiday Sitters is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 68239246.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you make use of Holiday Sitters. The use of Holiday Sitters means that you accept these Terms and Conditions. For access to and use of the website www.holiday-sitters.com (hereafter referred to as: the "Site") of Holiday Sitters the following Terms and Conditions as well as all applicable laws will apply.

Holiday Sitters is a platform that facilitates contact between families (usually families visiting) and a local babysitter that speaks a language also spoken by the children of the family. When a family requests to be connected to a babysitter, Holiday Sitters establishes the initial contact between the family and the babysitter. After establishing the initial contact the family and the babysitter will agree upon all the conditions for the services of the babysitter without further involvement of Holiday Sitters.

Site Content

Holiday Sitters has composed and will maintain this Site with due care. All information on the Site with respect to the babysitters has not been verified by Holiday Sitters. Holiday Sitters is not liable nor accept any liability for the content of that part of the Site.


  • Holiday Sitters attempts to bring families and babysitters into contact with each other, whereby Holiday Sitters makes its Site available for use by the family and babysitters.

  • Holiday Sitters will never be a party to an agreement entered into between a family and a babysitter through usage of the Site (hereinafter: the “Agreement”).

Your Personal Information

"Your Personal Information" is defined as all data that you provide to Holiday Sitters or other users of the Site and includes amongst others your e-mail address, your name, your address, place of dwelling, your telephone number and birthdate. Holiday Sitters respects everyone's privacy and will process Your Personal Information in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation, whereby Your Personal Information will in principle not be made available to third parties.

Site Content

  • Each family has to make sure that the description and the conditions for arranging a babysitter are in accordance with reality and therefore are correct and complete. By posting your request, you give Holiday Sitters permission to post the information of your request on the Site.

  • Holiday Sitters reserves the right to amend or shorten the texts of requests and/or messages or to remove requests from the Site without any reason being required and to deny any further usage of the Site.

Obligations of the family

  • The family will treat the babysitter respectfully.

  • The family will promptly contact the babysitter in the event the Family wishes to cancel the Agreement with the babysitter.

  • The family will, during the babysitting by the babysitter, provide contact details to and will be available at all times for the babysitter in case of emergency.

  • The family ensures to provide all information, which Holiday Sitters deems necessary or which can reasonably be deemed necessary by the family for the performance of the Agreement, in a timely manner to Holiday Sitters and/or the babysitter.

  • The family is required to immediately inform Holiday Sitters regarding any facts and circumstances that could be of interest in connection with the performance of the Agreement between the family and the babysitter.

  • The family will provide the babysitter, before the start of the babysitting, with all relevant information required to properly fulfil the babysitter services.

  • The family indemnifies Holiday Sitters from any claims for damages occurred during the performance of the Agreement and that are attributable to the babysitter.

  • The family is not allowed to provide information and/or contact details of the babysitter to third parties.

  • The family is not allowed to enter into any kind of agreement with a babysitter from the Site of Holiday Sitters without intervention of Holiday Sitters. If the family does so anyway the incur a fine of EUR 100 per day that the babysitter works for the family.


  • The use of the Site is free of charge. Each time the family wishes to hire a babysitter featured on the Site the family will have to pay a fee as mentioned on the Site.

  • Payments charged from Holiday Sitters should be executed in a manner as described on the Site.

  • The family will pay the babysitter a recommended rate of EUR 15,- per hour.

  • Payment of the fee and the payment of the babysitter is done through the Site. With regard to the payment of the babysitter Holiday Sitters functions a cashier only. A payment made through the Site for the services of the babysitters is regarded as a payment to the babysitter directly.

  • Cancellation of the ordered services can be done without costs until 48 hours prior to the commencement of the services. Cancellation received within 48 hours of the planned commencement of the services cannot be accepted and the family will be charged fully.


  • The use of the Site is completely at your own risk.

  • Holiday Sitters offers its Site and services in the current state and without explicit or implicit warranties. Holiday Sitters especially does NOT warrant that the babysitter is permitted to enter into an Agreement with you, that the provided (personal) data is correct, complete and up to date and that (s)he will correctly perform the Agreement.


  • The total liability of Holiday Sitters for direct damages as a consequence of defaults which can be attributed to Holiday Sitters regarding the correct, complete and timely advertisement is limited to the payment that you have made as a fee to Holiday Sitters.

  • Holiday Sitters only has a intermediary role and can therefore under no circumstances be held liable for material and/or immaterial damages that are attributable to the babysitter, regardless of its nature.

  • The family and the babysitters are responsible for insurance against civil liability and accidents.p


The family indemnifies Holiday Sitters completely for any possible claims by itself and third parties that are the result of and/or connected to an Agreement that the family has entered into by using the Site. Holiday Sitters is under no obligation to participate in any proceedings following such a claim.

Governing Law

These General Conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any and all disputes between a family and Holiday Sitters shall be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

These General Terms and Conditions can be amended at any time by Holiday Sitters. Holiday Sitters therefore recommends to check the General Terms and Conditions from time to time.


Holiday Sitters has VAT-number [NL8573.56.628.B01], resides in Churchill-laan 149 H 1078DT Amsterdam and has its registered office in Amsterdam. Holiday Sitters is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under file number 68239246. You are requested to send all correspondence to Holiday Sitters to the following e-mail address: info@holiday-sitters.com