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‘Surprise’ for all ages in English

13 Dec at 17:00

Dear Parents, This Sunday, Victoria, an Amsterdam-based Holiday Sitter coming all the way from Venezuela, will be offering an online reading session, dedicated to all families out there! Victoria will be reading a story (surprise!) that the little ones can follow, but people from all ages are welcome. Language: English. Cost: 5 euro.

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De Leeuw in de Muis, Rachel Bright

15 Nov at 17:00

Dear Parents! Join Youp, father to 3 who loved to read together with his kids from Dutch classics to the recent ones. This book will show us that everyone can be brave as a Lion! Language: Dutch, Age: 3-99. Cost: 5 euro

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What do you with a Chance? by Kobi Yamada

8 Nov at 17:00

Dear Parents,  Please meet Anna! Anna moved to Berlin from the US to pursue her master degree in Social working and will be reading ‘What do you do with a Chance’ by Kobi Yamada, book that has huge impact on her personally.  Age group: 3-99, Language: English,  Cost: 5 euro.

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ARE YOU MY MOTHER? Story by P.D. Eastman

1 Nov at 16:00

Dear Parents, Please meet Alon! Alon is a professional actor, storyteller and a broadcaster and will tell your kids the story called: Are you my mother? (״הגוזל שחיפש את אמו״) by P.D. Eastman. The story is suitable for the kids between 2.5-5 years old. Alon will tell this story in Hebrew! Costs: 5 euro.

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