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Profiles in Encouragement

Profiles in Encouragement

One of the best perks of our job is coming into contact on a daily basis with interesting, adventurous people from all over the world. Whether visiting the Netherlands for work or for pleasure, every one of our clients has a story to tell. Stories that inspire, that connect, that say we can do anything we want when we know our children are being well cared for.

Crystal Pite is one such story. A well-known choreographer and dancer whose work has been performed around the world, Crystal was asked to create a new dance for Netherlands Dans Theater. A great opportunity for sure, but one that needed a good deal of logistical support to make it happen as Crystal is based in Vancouver with her partner and son. The length of the job required that she would live in Amsterdam for one month. Fortunately, Crystal works with her partner so he would join her. As would their son Nico, of course. Crystal’s primary concern was for Nico, who is school age, to keep up with his work. In addition to the home school support, Crystal was looking for a caregiver with a lot of experience and who is creative, dynamic, playful and proactive.

“We needed someone to help our son with his schoolwork since we were away from home for a month,” says Crystal. “We wanted some consistency for him, too. Each of the sitters was lovely, and we felt relaxed knowing our son was in good hands.”

In the past, Crystal found childcare on jobs away from home through the institutions with whom she worked. As this trip was a bit longer than the norm, she needed regular help that would span more hours. After a Google search, Crystal found Holiday Sitters online. “I liked the tone and clarity of the site and I was happy that Galit responded to my questions right away,” says Crystal. “My communication with the agency itself was clear and uncomplicated. It was important to be able to plan ahead, but also I also appreciated the flexibility and spontaneity when we needed it. ”

You’ve heard the old chestnut, ‘behind every great man there’s a great woman.” But we think that behind every great working mother there’s a great childcare provider. Women who have taken a pause from work or reduced their hours to have children, make up the bulk of the untapped employment community. With access to trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced childcare, women are empowered with the flexibility and confidence to pursue their careers in a way that works best for them and their families, while knowing their children are in capable hands.