Mutual Understandings

Holiday Sitters is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 68239246.

Please read these Mutual Understandings carefully before you apply to join Holiday Sitters. The use of Holiday Sitters means that you accept these Mutual Understandings and our Terms & Conditions. For access to and use of the website (hereafter referred to as: the “Site“) of Holiday Sitters the aforementioned Terms and Conditions as well as all applicable laws will apply.

Holiday Sitters is a platform that facilitates contact between families (usually families visiting) and a local babysitter that speaks a language also spoken by the children of the family. When a family requests to be connected to a babysitter, Holiday Sitters establishes the initial contact between the family and the babysitter. After establishing the initial contact the family and the babysitter will agree upon all the conditions for the services of the babysitter without further involvement of Holiday Sitters.

Type of Relationship

Holiday Sitters merely facilitates the connection between the babysitter and the family. The services you provide to the families are explicitly not carried out as part of an employment agreement with Holiday Sitters.


All payments you receive from the families for your services are made to us directly by the family. Holiday Sitters merely functions as a cashier and the payment of the family to the website is regarded as a payment including VAT directly to you. Holiday Sitters will pay the amount received (inc. VAT) to you as soon as possible however within 7 days after finishing the services. It is your own responsibility to, if relevant, report these earnings to the relevant authorities (e.g. tax authorities).

Liability & Insurance

Holiday Sitters is not liable for any damages caused, suffered or incurred by you during your services. Making sure you are sufficiently insured against any liabilities is your own responsibility. Holiday Sitters is also not responsible or liable for any breach of contract between the family and the babysitter.

Nonsoliciation Agreement

Without the involvement of Holiday Sitters You will not provide babysitting services for families that you were connected to through Holiday Sitters, nor will you provide babysitting services for families that were referred to you or were introduced to you by families that you were connected with through Holiday Sitters. If you provide babysitting services as described in the sentence above you will have to pay a penalty to Holiday Sitters of EUR 500,- for each such
babysitting service you provide.

Access to Our Platform

Upon your approval of the mutual understandings as set herein we are happy to add you to our platform as a babysitter and we do not charge you with any registration fee. Keeping you on the platform is at our sole discretion, we may remove you from the platform at any point.


Dutch law applies to these mutual understandings.