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Feel at Home No Matter Where You Are

The first service to offer multilingual, certified babysitters to families on holiday, Holiday Sitters is changing what it means to travel as a family by empowering parents to take some time for themselves and fully relax during their vacation, whilst knowing their children are in good hands. While Holiday Sitters was created to fill a need for quality, trustworthy childcare whilst on vacation, trust and responsibility are at the cornerstone of everything we do. Our mission is seemingly simple but complicated by the fact that parents understandably don’t want to leave their children with just anyone, certainly not while in a foreign country. Understanding these issues as two mothers ourselves, we focus on setting impeccable standards for choosing highly qualified, experienced babysitters and best leveraging technology to connect parents to the sitters. Not only our all of our sitters certified in first-aid training and highly vetted by us, they are musicians, artists and athletes. We strive to help families find the best possible fit in terms of a babysitter who shares not only the same language but the same cultural values. Similar to having a family member look after your child (but a family member you like and trust, not your weird uncle).

Over time, our mission has expanded to include personalized, engaging babysitting (you won’t find our sitters looking after their phones instead of your children) for locals and visitors to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag. This includes expats who’ve moved house to another country with their families. In today’s world of increasing globalisation and more families living abroad, we match parents and children to babysitters from their native countries so they can stay connected to their roots, native language and traditions. As parents settle their families into their new homes, adjust to a different cultural norms, build up a network and manage the organisational burdens that relocations bring, we happily provide them with trustworthy babysitters to help make the move as comfortable as possible.

As we live in a digital, on-demand world, we also want to change the way the function of how finding and booking babysitters works through a seamless, easy-to-use online platform. With our simple yet robust website, parents can book one of 100+ babysitters by searching across availability, skills, and most importantly, languageHoliday Sitters speak a total of 21 languages and counting. Parents can then get to know our sitters through their profiles, video interviews and our secure chatroom. By combining the best people and smart technological solutions, we’ve made finding a good babysitter easy, no matter where you are. Our business model is simple and transparent: a fixed price, no registration or subscription fees and the most talented and caring babysitters who feel like family.  

By matching parents and sitters according to cultural and language preferences, we aim to create the feeling of home, no how matter how far away from it you may be. And we are growing because parents need Holiday Sitters. We know because we need them ourselves.