Coronavirus Update (COVD-19)

During these difficult times the safety of our customers and Holiday Sitters stuff is our highest priority. 

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves we are taking all necessary measurements to ensure this. 

We are closely monitoring the situation in Europe and following advice from local authorities. 

We wanted to let you know that we are currently operating as normal and are ready to support you in the time of need. 

As you already know, the majority of our babysitters are students and therefore are available to help you not only look over the kids while you need to work but also help them with home schooling and take them outside for a breath of fresh air. Spring is finally here despite the Corona!

We took extra measurements and made sure that all our sitters are healthy, didn’t travel for more than 2 weeks and stayed away from big events. 

We remain hopeful that the situation improves quickly and send you all our love and support to all of you!

How does Holiday Sitters choose and screen babysitters?

We’re glad you asked. Our recruitment process is very important to us and each babysitter application goes through the following steps, before a decision is made:

  1. a. Screen CV and profile
  2. b. Conduct first interview (via Skype)
  3. c. Complete first aid course
  4. d. Review of all relevant documents, such as passport, living permit and student ID (if applicable) and at least one reference from a current or recent employer or university
  5. e. Verify other qualifications that sitters hold through other work such as tutoring or additional health and safety certificates
  6. f. Meet in-person with one or both of the co-founders

What are the certificates and qualifications that Holiday-Sitters must have?

The majority of our sitters are international students at the leading universities of the Netherlands, therefore, we ask for a proof of enrollment and in certain cases for other documents relevant to their studies. Applicants must provide both a valid passport and a valid working or living permit. All of our sitters will be trained in first aid and child health and safety, if they don’t already have valid and up-to-date certification. Many babysitters also have additional qualifications, such as accreditations for children’s music teacher or scout leader. These are verified prior to the onboarding and appear on the sitters’ profiles.

Have all babysitters been personally interviewed?

Yes. At least one of the co-founders has a personal interview with applicants, before any decision is made. This is the last stage before moving forward and completing the recruitment process to ensure a good match in terms of experience and personality.