What happens if I am located outside of the city (outside of the motorway ring road)?

If you’re located outside of the ring and the babysitter cannot easily get to your location with public transportation or by bike, you will be expected to cover the costs of an alternative transportation method (see question 10). If the babysitter can reach you by public transportation, but the price is higher than that of a standard one hour ticket (e.g. a train trip), you will be required to pay the difference.

What happens when my return time is outside of public transportation hours?

We work hard to ensure that our sitters get home safely at night. Typically, they will use public transportation to get home or go by bike, but in case you return home outside of public transportation hours and biking is not an option, you will be expected to cover the costs of transportation for your babysitter. If you’re planning on staying out late, please contact our customer service, they will gladly explain the policy to you and can tell you which costs to expect.

What happens if I return later than the time I booked?

If you return later than the scheduled time, you will need to pay 18€ (incl. VAT) for each started hour outside of your booking time. This payment can be made in cash to the babysitter or you can request to be sent a link for a digital payment. Please don’t forget to communicate with your sitter in advance, to see if this is okay for her.

What happens if the sitter I booked gets sick or cancels for any reason?

We will always guarantee to deliver a sitter according to your requirements. In the case of a sitter being sick and/or not being able to come, our customer service will reach out to you straight away with a solution. We will happily provide another babysitter for you, but of course, only once you have approved them. You will be able to look at profile descriptions and watch the video introduction beforehand, just like you did previously. In the event the solution offered by us is not suitable for you, you can choose a full refund or redeem the credit towards your next booking.