Frequently Asked Questions

Trust & Safety

How can I know that I can trust the babysitter?

When hiring a babysitter, trust and credibility are some of, if not the most, important factors. Both of our co-founders are mothers themselves and have built this company around their family values. Our background check verifies work history, references, education, credentials, and criminal history. Babysitters are only allowed to care for children in the age range in which they have experience. Our babysitters also undergo first aid training, earning a verified certificate before they can start working. Additionally, you can view a sitter’s video profile and after booking is confirmed you can chat with the sitter prior to your arrival . Last but not least, our sitters speak the same language as your children and come from the same places as you do, meaning they understand your cultural values and sensitivities and can make sure your children feel comfortable. All of the above makes communication easier and fosters trust, which creates enormous value and really makes a difference when it comes to the most precious thing we have: our children!

Have all babysitters been personally interviewed?

Yes. At least one of the co-founders has a personal interview with applicants, before any decision is made. This is the last stage before moving forward and completing the recruitment process to ensure a good match in terms of experience and personality.

What are the certificates and qualifications that Holiday-Sitters must have?

The majority of our sitters are international students at the leading universities of the Netherlands, therefore, we ask for a proof of enrollment and in certain cases for other documents relevant to their studies. Applicants must provide both a valid passport and a valid working or living permit. All of our sitters will be trained in first aid and child health and safety, if they don’t already have valid and up-to-date certification. Many babysitters also have additional qualifications, such as accreditations for children’s music teacher or scout leader. These are verified prior to the onboarding and appear on the sitters’ profiles.

How does Holiday Sitters choose and screen babysitters?

We’re glad you asked. Our recruitment process is very important to us and each babysitter application goes through the following steps, before a decision is made:

  1. a. Screen CV and profile
  2. b. Conduct first interview (via Skype)
  3. c. Complete first aid course
  4. d. Review of all relevant documents, such as passport, living permit and student ID (if applicable) and at least one reference from a current or recent employer or university
  5. e. Verify other qualifications that sitters hold through other work such as tutoring or additional health and safety certificates
  6. f. Meet in-person with one or both of the co-founders
Coronavirus Update (COVD-19)

During these difficult times the safety of our customers and Holiday Sitters stuff is our highest priority. 

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves we are taking all necessary measurements to ensure this. 

We are closely monitoring the situation in Europe and following advice from local authorities. 

We wanted to let you know that we are currently operating as normal and are ready to support you in the time of need. 

As you already know, the majority of our babysitters are students and therefore are available to help you not only look over the kids while you need to work but also help them with home schooling and take them outside for a breath of fresh air. Spring is finally here despite the Corona!

We took extra measurements and made sure that all our sitters are healthy, didn’t travel for more than 2 weeks and stayed away from big events. 

We remain hopeful that the situation improves quickly and send you all our love and support to all of you!

Getting Started

How do I book a sitter?

Simply enter your required location, date, time, and language of your children, and then choose from one of our many qualified sitters who appear in the search results. You can get to know the sitters via their profiles, which includes videos with personal introductions. Once you’ve made a choice, booked your sitter and paid, you can easily talk with them via our chat function. To chat, click on ‘View Booking’.

How do I book a sitter for more than 3 kids?

We take the care of your children very seriously and strive to provide you with the best possible service. Therefore, if you have more than 3 children, please book an additional babysitter so that they will receive the attention they need.

Where will the babysitting take place?

Our sitters come to wherever you need them: be that your home, an Airbnb or hotel room. Of course, the babysitting doesn’t need to be restricted to indoors: our sitters will happily show your children what the city has to offer. If the booking is during the day and for a long amount of hours, we can plan a full itinerary around what your child likes to do. By choosing ‘Tell us More’ option, you can fill in your requirements and we will make sure they are fulfilled. You can discuss all the details with your sitter directly or with us prior to their arrival.


Is it possible to pay by cash?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept cash payments. We want to keep the booking process as simple and transparent as possible, which is why we offer digital payment as part of the booking process.

Do I have to pay for the sitter transport?

No, the sitter’s transportation is included in the price, except for the cases where babysitting ends at midnight or later, in this case, we charge 15 Euro for a taxi, which is automatically added to your receipt during the booking process.

How much does the service cost?

Our rate is 15€ an hour. If you’d like to book a bundle of 30 or more hours, we offer special discounts, simply choose the best fit offered during the booking process.

Does Holiday Sitters charge a subscription fee?

No, we want to keep our payment system as transparent and straightforward to use as possible. Therefore, we do not charge a subscription or registration fee.

How do I pay the babysitter?

The payment will be done directly online through our platform, once you have completed your booking. We currently offer payment via credit card, bank transfer and if you have a Dutch bank account, you can also pay via IDEAL.

Managing Bundles

What is the difference between single booking and the bundle?

We have created a bundle of hours to allow our customers to enjoy our services at the reduced price when they purchase a bundle. We offer our customers 30, 40 and 50-hour bundle with an average of 20% discount. For the obvious reasons bundles is more suitable for people who are locals or visitors who are looking to book more hours.

How can I add hours during my booking?

When you are late, please communicate with the babysitter, after she approves we will deduct the number of hours from your bundle balance automatically.

Does the bundle has an expiration date?

Yes, our bundles are valid from 1 to 4 months according to the bundle type. After this period the bundle will be expired and will appear in the customer account as such. The expirations dates are: 10 hours – 30 days, 15 hours – 40 days, 30 hours – 70 days, 40 hours – 80 days and 100 hours 110 days. In the special occasions please contact us directly at

How do I manage my bundle?

To manage bundle is a very simple process and not different from our simple booking process, after you login search for available sitter and book, the hours will be automatically deducted from your bundle and you will be able to see this by the end of the booking as well as on My Account.

How do I purchase the bundle?

It is very easy to purchase a bundle. Follow the steps on the website to select a sitter and complete the booking process. Upon completion, you will have the option to purchase a bundle and also view any remaining hours from prior bundles.

Managing Bookings

How do I cancel a booking and what is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is simple. You can cancel your booking 48 hours prior to the requested booking date for a full refund (minus the transaction fee). If you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the booking, you will receive a 50% refund (minus the transaction fee). For bookings canceled at less than 24 hours notice, we, unfortunately, cannot provide a refund.

How do I see when my request has been approved?

The minute your babysitter request is approved you will receive an email notification/confirmation of your request.

Can I book the same sitter twice or more during my holiday?

Yes, you can book the same babysitter twice or more during your holiday, subject to their availability.

Can I view my bookings on my mobile device?

Yes, our website is mobile friendly and responsive.

How can I change the time or date of my booking?

After logging in, simply go to “My Bookings” on your dashboard. There you can change your booking details. Please notice that the same sitter might not be available after the change. In this case, you may need to cancel and make a new booking.

How can I make a last-minute booking?

You can book up to 3 hours in advance through our online platform. If you urgently need someone to come at less notice, we will do what we can to arrange this. Please contact our customer service for more information. Please note that we charge a higher price of 20.99 euro per hour, for last-minute bookings.

What is considered a last-minute booking?

Any booking that is made 4 hours or less before the start time of the appointment.

What happens if the sitter I booked gets sick or cancels for any reason?

We will always guarantee to deliver a sitter according to your requirements. In the case of a sitter being sick and/or not being able to come, our customer service will reach out to you straight away with a solution. We will happily provide another babysitter for you, but of course, only once you have approved them. You will be able to look at profile descriptions and watch the video introduction beforehand, just like you did previously. In the event the solution offered by us is not suitable for you, you can choose a full refund or redeem the credit towards your next booking.

What happens if I return later than the time I booked?

If you return later than the scheduled time, you will need to pay 18€ (incl. VAT) for each started hour outside of your booking time. This payment can be made in cash to the babysitter or you can request to be sent a link for a digital payment. Please don’t forget to communicate with your sitter in advance, to see if this is okay for her.

What happens when my return time is outside of public transportation hours?

We work hard to ensure that our sitters get home safely at night. Typically, they will use public transportation to get home or go by bike, but in case you return home outside of public transportation hours and biking is not an option, you will be expected to cover the costs of transportation for your babysitter. If you’re planning on staying out late, please contact our customer service, they will gladly explain the policy to you and can tell you which costs to expect.

What happens if I am located outside of the city (outside of the motorway ring road)?

If you’re located outside of the ring and the babysitter cannot easily get to your location with public transportation or by bike, you will be expected to cover the costs of an alternative transportation method (see question 10). If the babysitter can reach you by public transportation, but the price is higher than that of a standard one hour ticket (e.g. a train trip), you will be required to pay the difference.


How do I post a review for a sitter?

It’s very simple: after the service, you will receive an email notification from Holiday Sitters with the link to the babysitter profile where you can rate and give a review according to your satisfaction and experience with the service. We highly appreciate any reviews, which you can also leave on our Google or Facebook pages.

What language should I use when I post a review?

Currently, our website is only available in English, therefore we kindly ask to post all reviews in English. If you’re not comfortable writing in English, however, just use your preferred language and we’ll help translate (our sitters speak 21 different languages after all!).


How does the chatroom work?

Our chat room is a great feature and is designed to help you get to know the babysitter prior to your appointment. After your booking is complete and the payment is processed, you can log in to your account, press ‘View Booking’ and immediately use our chat room.

Does the “chatroom” have a moderation option?

Yes, in order to protect our babysitters, our babysitters can block the chat if used inappropriately.