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Why Holiday Sitters?

Holiday Sitters is about so much more than traditional transactional babysitting; it is about giving parents the flexibility they need to keep their life in balance and the freedom to pursue any and all career opportunities that come their way. That’s why we partner with conferences, including The Next Web, RIPE, and more, to provide childcare to attendees.

Conference Care

21 Languages

Our sitters speak many different languages

All the Activities

We offer age-appropriate activities on- and off-site during the event

Ages 0-13

We care for children of all ages and tailor all activities accordingly

9-5 & Beyond

We offer childcare during all hours of the event and after

Our Clients

You ask should there be childcare at professional conferences? I ask why isn’t it already a thing? We see all these smart solutions come along like airbnb and Whatsapp that leverage technology to make our lives better and easier and wonder how we ever lived without them. In the tech industry where there is a well-documented under participation of women, why aren’t we coming up with smart, simple solutions to support a positive shift forward? Even in dual-career families, women are typically responsible for sorting childcare and the ones most likely to pass up on career opportunities if they are unable to make arrangements. That’s why we partner with Holiday Sitters to offer top-notch childcare to all of our attendees and speakers at TNW Conference, in a forward-thinking and seamless manner. There is a lot of talk and effort to help increase women’s participation as speakers and attendees at tech conferences, offering childcare at events like ours is one of the most obvious, easy to implement solutions. Hopefully we’ll get to the point where we will wonder how we ever lived without it.

Boris Veldhuizen van Zanten

Co-founder, The Next Web

As the keynote speaker for this year’s TNW Conference, I was very busy preparing for the event and during the days and evenings of the conference. I needed flexible, reliable childcare at various hours. Fortunately, I found Holiday Sitters and was able to easily book childcare for my son. The entire process was stress free and Galit immediately answered all of my questions. Thanks to Holiday Sitters, I was able to focus on the conference, knowing my son was in trusted and capable hands. He looked forward to his time with the babysitter, who was very natural with him and planned lots of activities around his interests. Childcare at conferences should be a standard and provided by Holiday Sitters, the standard in childcare.

Sashka Rothchild

Founder & CEO, Stndby

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