Why hire an E-sitter (virtual sitter)?

Why hire an E-sitter (virtual sitter)?

As COVID-19 continues to change our daily lives, parents working from home are still trying to figure out how to find a balance between caring for their children and their jobs.

When officials are asking everyone to stay put or keep their distance as much as possible, how are parents able to get the caregiving assistance they need?

With the internet possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to the ability to connect with Kone another from a distance – particularly through the video.  We talk to our loved ones, to our colleges, to our doctors through the videos so why not hire a virtual sitter? 

What is the e-sitter?

A virtual sitting is not the same thing as in-person babysitting. A virtual sitting is hiring a babysitter to engage children digitally for a short period of time. The sessions can be used to assist kids with schoolwork or facilitate an interactive game or learn new language. The possibilities are broad, of course it doesn’t replace physical care but it provides a solution to the problem many parents face during this time – productivity!

What are the benefits of the e-sitter? Besides the obvious benefits for the parents, it can actually contribute to your kids development. There is how:

  1. Kids are spending a lot of time on screens anyway, making it worthwhile, making it educational, but some old fashion fun also couldn’t heart. 
  2. E-sitter can teach your kids additional skills like language, craft, art, music, chess and more (remember those times when you really wanted your kid to learn how to play chess, well, this is a very good opportunity to explore this option). 

According to a recent study review, only screen time spent watching TV or playing passive video games has a negative impact on how children fare in school. Other uses of screen time (creative ones like drawing on an iPad app or Facetimeing with Grandma, or physical ones like playing active video games) don’t have the same impact.

Passive screen time (which includes activities like watching TV, playing video games that don’t require problem solving or physical activity) isn’t great for kids’ behaviour or cognitive development, but active screen time (playing educational video games or those that require physical action) is.

As Dr. Juana Willumsen, of the World Health Organization has said, “There is no denying that screens are part of the modern era. It is how we interact that matters.”

Passive screen time is likely to be sedentary time, whereas active screen time is, well, active. There is a big difference between a kid sitting in front of the TV for hours and a child dancing along to a playlist or playing Wii Sports with mom or dad.

Our take? This research is definitely worth taking into account. Screen time  that engages kids with people (like watching a movie with mom or dad, or having a FaceTime call with an online/virtual babysitter for example) is more beneficial than just binge-watching TV, and when it comes to screen time moderation is good.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Munich with Kids

Munich with kids: green, easy, relaxed. This mellow urban gem in Germany is full of world-class museums, sprawling parks and kid-friendly beer gardens. The German love of orderliness made it an easy place for a family to get around with children, too. Here’s a list of eleven fun things to do in Munich with kids.

German Museum of Technology

The best way to spend a rainy day in Munich is to explore one of the oldest and largest science and technology museums in the world. The museums offer a whole section dedicated to children. Young explorers can fly into the air, sit behind the wheel of a rear fire engine at “Kid’s Kingdom”. Children under 6 are free. https://www.deutsches-museum.de/en

Bavaria Film Studios

If your kids like movies, take them to the Bavaria Film Studios a Munich’s answer to Hollywood. Kids can take a ride on Falkor the dragon from “The Never-Ending Story” in Europe’s largest filmmaking center and parents can experience the submarine of Das Boot. https://www.filmstadt.de/en/

Beer Garden

Although it sounds like more adult type of activity, you can definitely take your kids to the beer garden. Munich’s beer gardens are very family-friendly and keep the kids happy while you enjoy Bavarian beer. Most of them have playgrounds or at least a sandbox. Kids will love the food too: potato salad, sausages and apple strudel. We have put the list of 6 Beer gardens in Munich you will absolutely love:

Augustiner Bräustuben

Off the beaten tourist track, this huge beer hall provides good atmosphere, great booze and cheap food. http://www.braeustuben.de/en/

Waldwirtschaft (a.k.a WA-WI)

If there is any one beer garden that is an absolute must-see, it’s this cosy place in the southern suburbs of Munich. If the weather is good, you just have to go there, as it offers a cosy outdoor location, live jazz and big band sounds on the weekend and traditional food stalls. http://waldwirtschaft.de/?lang=en

The Hofbräuhaus

Be warned, this is the most popular and also most touristy beer hall in Munich. Nevertheless, it’s also one of the most traditional ones and helped to shape the city’s beer culture. http://www.hofbraeuhaus.de/en/hofbraeuhaus.html


This is the largest beer garden in the world. It offers space for up to 8,000 (!) guests and is part of Munich beer culture since 1791. https://www.hirschgarten.de/


A place to hang out for Munich’s celebs, it can be overpriced and posh. However, the location is a killer, as it is based right on the shore of a lake in the English Garden, next to a paddle boat rental. https://www.kuffler.de/en/restaurant/seehaus/

Augustiner Keller

The traditional Augustiner Keller provides an indoor beer hall as well as the second largest beer garden in Munich (up to 7,000 guests). Here, the atmosphere on a summer evening is without a question, must have. https://www.augustinerkeller.de/home/

Hellabrunn Zoo

A visit to Munich’s zoo is fun for the whole family. The park is more like a nature preserve than a traditional zoo.  The visitors can enjoy the wonderful view of animals that could normally be obtained on safari. There’s also a petting zoo, pony and camel rides in summer, and a penguin parade in the winter. https://www.hellabrunn.de/en/

See Life

No doubt you have been to at least one Sea Life around the world, so you’ll know they are a fantastic place to take the little ones.  Of course, the highlight at any Sea Life is the massive glass tunnel which goes through the 400,000-litre tank and at Sea Life Munich here you will see a range of ocean life including tropical fish, great big sharks, turtles and stingrays. Kids will love visiting the rockpool where they can touch some of the animals and can see some shows, including watching the ray feeding or seeing the divers who feed the sharks. https://www.visitsealife.com/en/munich/


When it comes to things to do in Marienplatz, the most famous attraction would have to be the Glockenspiel.  At 11 am, midday and the addition of 5 pm between March and October, a 15-minute show is played on the 43 different bells on the clock. It will recount various dances and history through figurines – a fun way kids will love and appreciate. Make sure you wait for the show to finish with the clock transforming to a cuckoo clock at the end.

English Garden

One of the largest urban gardens in the world (even bigger than NYC’s Central Park)! The English Garden is a great way to take some time out and appreciate the beautiful city. With 78 kilometres of paths, a Japanese tea house, playground, paddle boats to rent and beer gardens there is something for everyone.

BMW Museum

If anyone in your family is a car lover, then the BMW Museum is one of the Munich things to see.  Located within the BMW factory and spanning across more than 500 sqm, this museum showcases the history of the BMW brand and products since 1916.  Here you will see around 125 automobiles, motorbikes and engines as well as the newest BMW line up. https://www.bmw-welt.com/en/locations/museum.html

Olympic Park

For families who love the Olympics, one of the must-do places to see in Munich includes the Olympic Park.  Visitors can come and walk through the Olympic Stadium, visit the Olympic flame, see the open-air exhibition on the Munich Olympics as well as watch a short film about the Munich Olympics. You can also go up to the observation deck of the Olympic Tower which rises 290 metres above the park.  From the top, you can see a panoramic view of Bavaria all the way to the Alps. https://www.olympiapark.de/de/olympiapark-muenchen/

Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace is a 17th-century palace which served as the summer residence of the Bavarian rulers and is one of the castles near Munich that tourists love visiting. Over time, the palace has expanded into a magnificent structure surrounded by beautifully landscaped baroque gardens. The tour of the palace walks through the Grand Hall, the royal apartments, and rooms which are decorated with frescoes and numerous artworks.

There are 2 museums included in the palace tour, housed in the pavilions outside the main palace building – MarstallMuseum (Chariot Museum) and Nymphenburg Porcelain Museum. MarstallMuseum displays ornate carriages used by the royal family, like King Ludwig II. The Porcelain Museum displays a wonderful collection mainly comprising of tea sets, table centrepieces and dinner sets from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Do not miss the palace gardens which has numerous small baroque palaces, pavilions, fountains and sculptures. https://www.schloss-nymphenburg.de/englisch/tourist/index.htm

Neuschwanstein Castle

Perhaps one of the most photographed Munich sites is the Neuschwanstein Castle. This is one of the best castles near Munich and is said to be the castle that inspired the infamous Disney castle that you can find at Disneyland’s across the world.

Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century palace which was created by Ludwig II.  Located high up on the cliffs in the countryside of Bavaria it has to be seen to be believed!  It’s no wonder this is one of the most visited castles in all of Europe. We visited during the winter and it was just magical with a sprinkling of snow all over the place. 

Given this is one of the most popular Munich tourist places, it is recommended that you book your tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment.  Although, if you do miss out on tickets (like us oops), then it is still worth going there just to admire its beauty and take a walk around the outside.  You will quickly see why this is one of the popular attractions near Munich. https://www.neuschwanstein.de/englisch/tourist/index.htm

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Top 10 Things to Do in Berlin with Kids

When we talk about Berlin the choice is never easy, as every city, Berlin also has its own special vibe, but we would say this is the place where you can find anything! It’s a story of a past, present and the future, it’s a place of former tragedies and modern tolerance, it’s a place for artistic expressions, businesses, education, love, freedom and more.

When it comes to children, this is a place where both, parents and children can have a great adventure together! Because Berlin never disappoints or keep you bored. We made a list of our favorite places especially for you:

Legoland Discovery Center

Place where ideas come to life! It’s a great opportunity for every kid to experiment with lots of Lego bricks, build their dream  Lego world, visit 3-D cinema and go wild at the  interactive playground. The Center is located right in the heart of the city on Potsdamer Platz.in


Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo is Germany’s oldest zoo and the most visited Zoo in Europe with 3.3 million visitors per year from all over the world.  With it’s polar bears, joyful pandas, marine life and flora is one of the must visit places in Berlin.  


Aquarium Berlin

As the Berlin Zoo is the oldest one in Germany thus Berlin Aquarium is one of Germany’s largest. It’s never enough for children to explore animals! Aquarium Berlin in the heart of Berlin is one of Europe’s best-known and most notable aquariums. Behind the building’s historic façade awaits an impressive diversity of species that few facilities in the world can rival. The Aquarium not only houses numerous extraordinary fish, it is also home to hundreds of impressive reptiles and insects. Find Nemo fans can finally get a chance to find him.  Location is quite convenient, as it is located right next to the Zoo.


Museum of Natural History

Dreaming about “The Night at the Museum” or  Fancy an adventure? This is it, with the largest mounted dinosaur in the world greeting you to the well-preserved specimen of the earliest known bird, Archaeopteryx, the Museum of Natural History has you covered with the discovery over a million years’ worth of zoological exhibits and an exciting insight into the natural world.


German Museum of Technology

The German Technical Museum is a very cool place, filled with trains, plains, boats and all sorts of other items that are related to technology and production of things like paper, fabric, medicines and more. Plus you get a lot of bang for your buck. The entry fee for adults is 6 euros (kids, but it also includes free coat check (which is a really great feature in the winter) — and you can even check your luggage there if you are on your way out of town.


Gardens of the World

Amazing green space with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Balinese, Christian, Italian Renaissance and lots of more  gardens! Floral paradise with viewing platform, cable car, bobsleigh run, and new gardens, all of which remain as additions to the already extensive park landscape. There is something for every visitor and season in Berlin’s Gardens of the World.


The Labyrinth Children’s Museum

Developed for kids ages 3-11, the Labyrinth Kindermuseum (one of several kids museums in Berlin) is said to be one of the better museums for younger kids below 5 years old. With all sorts of exhibits that let kids build things, explore their senses and more, it seems like a place kids will truly love. But don’t forget to bring house shoes or thick socks with ABS on them because shoes are not allowed in the museum itself.


The East side Gallery

Without a doubt the most significant building in the history of Berlin, the Wall divided not just a city, but an entire country for almost three decades between 1961 and 1989. Although residents and artists on the western side had long transformed parts of the forbidding grey structure into works of art, the 1.3km (0.8mi) section that remains today as the world’s longest open-air art gallery was created after the fall of the Wall. Read on to find out more about the story behind the East Side Gallery, its most iconic images and much more.


The Colourful Chocolate World of Ritter Sport in Berlin

The Colourful Chocolate World of Ritter Sport in Berlin is the perfect place to take the kids, especially if you get caught in the rain. Each person gets to pick their own ingredients and make a custom-made chocolate bar. It’s a great stop during your Berlin Weekend Getaway, to let everyone unwind, rest up, get a chocolate fix and have a great time.

There is plenty to do in the outlet store, however first you want to design your chocolate bar, because it takes 30 minutes or so to set before you can pick it up.  As many German activities are, there is a strict order to adhere to while you are dabbling in chocolate bar design. You have to pay first! On the far side of the bar where the women construct your chocolate bar there is a cash register.   When you pay, you will receive a white card for each bar you want to design which you will take to the counter and hand to the candy maker. (You can also order custom large bars here, but those take longer than 30 minutes, so you might want to call them to order it.)


Berlin Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds

Berlin Playgrounds are awesome and absolutely must visit, satisfuction guaranteed for both kids and parents equally. You can find dragons, Pirate ships, water slides, carousels, huge climbing meshes and giant climbing domes, artificial rocky mountains and so much more, that’s why we found the perfect guide for you, where you can find the best playgrounds for you, enjoy!


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Holiday Sitters Is Now In Berlin … Just In Time for Berlinale

“Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin!”Jack Lang, former culture minister of France.

Cultural icon and inspiration, Berlin is never lacking for things to do and see. But let’s face it, with kids it can be a challenge delving into all the city has to offer.

So we are happy to announce that we will ‘keep a suitcase in Berlin’ with our latest branch opening in the vibrant, ever changing intersection of art, music, technology, politics and film. In January, we expanded to Berlin, offering locals and visitors reliable babysitting that can be instantly booked through the website. With top people and smart technology, we make arranging trustworthy childcare as easy as reserving a hotel. If you’ve been wanting to visit the cultural capital with the family, here’s your chance to make memories with your kids and take time for yourself.

If you are looking for an excuse to visit the city, the annual film festival, Berlinale, is on February 7 – 17, is as good as any. One of the ‘big three’ alongside Canne and Venice, Berlinale is the most attended film fest in the world. More than 500,000 visitors are expected to be on hand this year to see who will win the coveted Golden Bear and Silver Bear awards.

Get inspired before you go, or hold your own private festivals with some classic films shot in Berlin. Here is a short list of our favorites:

One, Two, Three
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
Run Lola Run
Wings of Desire
Bourne Supremacy

Find your sitter in Berlin or the Netherlands today. Save with our special pricing on packages!

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