With Holiday Sitters, a good babysitter is easy to find.

Holiday Sitters was created to fill a need for quality, dependable childcare whilst on vacation. A seemingly simple but complicated mission in that the trust factor looms large. Understanding this as parents ourselves, we have always focused on setting impeccable standards for choosing highly qualified, experienced babysitters and best leveraging technology to connect parents to the sitters.

Simply put we don’t hire anyone to look after your child who we wouldn’t hire to care for our own. Not only are all of our sitters certified in first-aid training, they are musicians, artists and athletes. And they are multilingual because at the heart of what we do, we strive to help you find the best possible fit in terms of a babysitter who shares not only your language but the same cultural values. We want the comfort level to feel similar to having a family member look after your child (family members you like and trust, not your weird uncle).

With great responsibility, comes great responsibility

Every parent

Our mission has expanded to include personalized, engaging babysitting (you won’t find our sitters looking after their phones instead of your children) for locals and visitors in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag. And we are growing because parents need Holiday Sitters. We know because we need them ourselves.