Frequently Asked Questions

Trust & Safety

When hiring a babysitter, trust and credibility are one of the main keys for success. We are not only co-founders of this company but most importantly we are mothers and professional women who live and have established this company upon these values. Our background check should verify work history, references, education, credentials, and criminal history. In addition you can view a sitter’s video profile and after booking is confirmed you can chat with the sitter (in our chat room) prior to your arrival . Last but not least, is the language, the sitter who speaks your and your children’s language, who comes from the same place you do, who is familiar with your culture and your values. All of the above makes your communication much easier and trustful, which makes enormous value and a difference especially when it comes to themost precious thing we have – our children!

  1. Screening CV’s and profiles
  2. Hold a 30 minutes skype interview
  3. Face to face interview managed by Galit Bauer
  4. Providing all relevant document and validation as passport, living permit and student ID ( If applicable ). At least one reference either from current / recent employer or university
  5. Other qualifications that sitters hold through other work such as tutoring or other qualifications such as first aid and health and safety certificate. Those certificates will be verified and validated
  6. Meeting the company CEO and co-founder

Both co founders meet personally each sitter, as part of our recruitment process.

  • Valid passport
  • Valid work and living permit

The majority of our sitters are international students in the leading universities of Amsterdam, therefore, we ask for students and other documents relevant to their studies.

All our sitters will be trained in first aid and child health & safety

However, some babysitters may hold this qualification through other work such as tutoring or other qualifications such as a first aid certificate. This information will appear in their profile.

In order to join Holiday Sitters , applicants must first ensure they meet our basic criteria (female and above 18 years old.) The recruitment process is handled by a professional recruitment team led by Galit Bauer, company COO and co-founder, who has more than 15 years experience in massive recruitment projects and held HR lead positions worldwide.

The recruitment process is as follows:

  1. Screening of CV and social media profile
  2. 30 minutes Skype interview
  3. Face to face interview with our COO Galit Bauer
  4. Vetting and validating of all relevant provided document’s such as passport, living permit and student ID – if applicable. A minimum of 1 reference either from a current / previous employer or university
  5. Demanding at least one more qualificatios which sitters hold through past jobs or training, such as tutoring, first aid and health and safety certificates. Those certificates will be verified and validated
  6. Meeting the company CEO and co-founder

Using this comprehensive process we evaluate the personality of potential sitter and decided wether they are perfectly apt and genuinely motivated to provide the best and safest care for children .

Sitter Payments

The payment to the babysitter is included in the 15 euro an hour payment and done directly online through Holiday-Sitters platform.

No Holiday-Sitters do not charge subscription or registration fee.

Holiday-Sitters pay babysitters according to the local tax authorities instruction.


It’s very simple, after the service, you will receive an email notification from Holiday-Sitters with the link to the babysitter profile where you can simply rate and give a review according to your satisfaction and experience with the service.

Go to your personal “My Holiday Sitters” page, and find the booking you wrote your review for. Then click the “Edit Review” button.

You can leave a recommendation on our website and use your own social media in order to endorse the service, which is highly appreciated!

Currently our website is only available in English, therefore we kindly ask to post all reviews in English.

Getting Started

In the simplest way, choose your babysitter according to the required date, time and language of your children and press book. The rest is very simple and our system will guide you through the process.

We take babysitting very seriously and we would like to provide you with the best service we can, therefore if you have more than 3 children please book one more babysitter.

You can search according to your date, time and language and instead of booking one babysitter, just book two from the list.

Managing Bookings

Our cancellation policy is simple. You can cancel your booking 24 hours prior to the requested booking date. In the event of a cancellation we will contact you personally to arrange a refund.

The minute your babysitter request is approved you will receive an email notification with the link to the payment. After payment is done your booking is complete.

Yes, our website is mobile friendly and responsive.

Yes, you can book the same babysitter twice or more during your holiday.


Chatroom is a great feature which allow you to get know your babysitter. After your booking is complete and payment is processed, you can login to your account and use our chatroom which will be immediately available to you.

Yes, in order to protect our babysitters, our babysitters can block the chat if used inappropriately.

Please exchange phone numbers with the babysitter upon her arrival, you can then use WhatsApp service to receive any updates.