About us



Our vision

Holiday-Sitters is a young startup founded by Ela and Galit.
Two mothers who know what it is like to take kids overseas: it’s not all smiles and rainbows!
That’s why we started Holiday-Sitters.
A babysitter service for families with their kids on holiday in European cities.
As in a foreign city it’s hard to find a babysitter that speaks your language let alone one you can trust.

Through our unique and simple website, parents can book a babysitter as part of their holiday planning. Parents can look for babysitters according to their availability, time and most importantly their language. Where they can view sitter profiles, including video interviews and what they have to say about themselves.
And after they book a sitter, parents can then communicate directly with them through our chatroom in order to get know one another.

Our business model is simple: we charge 15 euros an hour, excluding BTW, for up to 3 children for a minimum of 3 hours. And there’s no sneaky registration or subscription fees lurking around the corner either.
Because we want to help parents take a break while on the family holiday they’ve paid for, take a night off from heating milk in front of foreign soap operas. Whether that’s a quiet dinner, a walk on the beach or even just a night for themselves to rediscover how their kids came into this world in the first place.